Qual Saf Health Care 11:101-102 doi:10.1136/qhc.11.1.101
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  1. A L Scheffler
  1. Chicago, Illinois, USA

      Compiled by A L Scheffler

      Web based information about patient safety and quality improvement—both popular and academic—is proliferating rapidly as the quality/safety movement gathers momentum in the United States, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and elsewhere around the world. One may ask—how useful is this online information? Who accesses it, for what ends, with what outcomes? How well does it translate across national, cultural, linguistic, professional, and disciplinary boundaries? And are patients safer because of it? We lack even tentative answers to such questions at present.

      Online resource updates

      Quality and Safety in Health Care will sort through the onslaught of online articles, reports, and opinions on patient safety and healthcare quality, and periodically summarize them on our website. In addition, the print edition of QSHC will provide summary guides to electronic resources on particular topics and themes. These may include cultural factors that promote or hinder the creation of safer health care; the potential of patient advocacy efforts to improve patient-provider communication and avoid unnecessary litigation; and lessons from non-medical research disciplines, such as organisational behavior, human factors engineering, and risk perception and communication. We will spotlight these issues using an interdisciplinary and international approach that draws on the perspectives of relevant stakeholders in different health systems: patients, their families and caregivers, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, physicians, risk managers, laboratory technicians, health services researchers, quality managers, advocates, policy makers, system and facility managers, and journalists.

      Sites for sore eyes

      To begin, we provide a list of selected websites featuring patient safety and healthcare quality information and documents. This list is meant to be suggestive only—a starting point for a rich journey of discovery and learning. None of these sites stands alone; each offers …

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