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People are more likely to trust their doctors and other healthcare professionals than the system of health care. Not surprising, perhaps, but this emphasises the importance of the relationship between patients and doctors and the central role of individual healthcare professionals in rebuilding and maintaining trust in healthcare services in the aftermath publication of details of failures of care. Openness with patients is central to maintaining their trust in their care. And openness and transparency are crucial, too, if everyone, including those who work in health care, is to regain trust in the system of care. A spirit of openness and involvement might help the NHS implement change. Many do not feel involved in national initiatives; perhaps they share the same sense of unease about institutions and systems of care as the public. Those promoting change should increase the effort committed to communicating the rationale for change and take time to listen to the concerns of doctors and managers.


It is claimed that there has been an erosion in public …

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