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Displayed here are some of the photographs taken by users of the Breast Diagnostic Service at the Ospedale Maggiore, Bologna, which were included in the winning poster display presented at the 6th European Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care held in Bologna in March 2001. They show some quality and non-quality aspects of the service noted by the women during their stay in the department. Each picture is accompanied by a brief comment.

Patients using the Breast Diagnostic Service were instructed as follows:

“We use photography as a small visual record. We are not interested in a beautiful picture or something that can interest everyone. The idea is to make a visual record of the feelings experienced, maybe capturing an object, a corner, or anything else you happen to notice. It would be very nice if you could then add a couple of lines to the photograph. This only has to be very simple and direct; just remember that the aim is to record and preserve these moments. This need not be a caption or an explanation, merely an attempt to pass on a fragment of a very personal experience which, together with the fragments left by other people, can then help to trace the complex story as a whole.”

Clearer indications aided by a picture.

I chose this picture because I wanted to become a mother: I only hope it isn't too late!

Everynone here works very hard to make you feel comfortable, you can see that; the service is excellent in every way.

Privacy and reception are suggested by curtains and magazines. There is no phone.

A place of pain can be changed by comfort, kindness and competence.

A little time of tranquility in a specially frail moment for women.

Nature makes you feel free and peaceful