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Quantifying Quality in Primary Care
  1. D Empey
  1. Rapid Response Unit, National Clinical Governance Support Team, NHS Modernisation Agency; duncan.empey{at}

    Statistics from

    Edited by Peter Graves. Abingdon, Oxon: Radcliffe Medical Press, 2002. £32.95, 257 pp. ISBN 1 85775 599 5

    It is always helpful to have a checklist for any task, whether it is for simply preparing to go on an overseas trip or something as complex as ensuring a high quality service for patients in primary care. It is even better if someone as experienced as Peter Graves has compiled one for you, which can be the basis of your own tailor-made solution.

    Clinical governance is at the heart of this book, but many sources are used to inform its content such as NHS (GMS) regulations, Health and Safety at Work laws, and the GMC’s views on Good Medical Practice. The main areas that are addressed are “The Patient’s Experience”, “Patient Management and Treatment”, and “Practice Management”, and if all three are right then the aim of good patient care and outcomes will be achieved. The charts and scoring system are consistent and very sensible. The layout is clear and the questions are realistic, with a range of scores possible that will help practices understand their current position and enable them to plan for improvement.

    Few will take the whole content on board but, as a basis for assessing even just a few areas where weakness is perceived, the order and common sense brought to the process will be rewarding.

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