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Notwithstanding best efforts to avoid calamity in health care, crises occur in the course of patients’ care. A crisis—the “turning point in the course of a disease at which a decisive change occurs…”—may be mitigated by the development of algorithms that address systematically such events. On p 156, Professors WB Runciman and AF Merry introduce a crisis in clinical care series which is an online manual for the management of crises under anaesthesia. The 25 papers that accompany this article (pp e1–e25) were developed by 30 investigators by means of 10 consensus meetings and the intensive analysis of some 4000 incidents.
 See p 156 and e1–e25


Adverse medication events continue to bedevil health care in spite of the best efforts to make care safer and more reliable. This issue of QSHC features several original articles and a quality improvement report that address strategies to mitigate …

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