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P041 Sustaining organizational capacities of knowledge utilization: A complete toolbox for the health and social services organizations
  1. F Chagnon1,
  2. C Bardon1,
  3. N Houlfort1,
  4. R Proulx2,
  5. P Labelle1,
  6. M Gervais1
  1. 1Université du Québec a Montréal, Montreal, Canada
  2. 2Centre Réadaptation Déficience Intelectulle Montréa (CRDI), Montreal, Canada


Background Despite research and funding, the understanding of organization’s capacities of knowledge utilisation remains incomplete in health and social field.

Objectives To better understand organisational determinants of research result utilisation.

Method Between 2009 and 2012, managers (n = 75) from health and social services organisations (N = 8) have actively contributed in a participative research action process. Additionally professionals and managers (N = 2161) have answered questionnaires. Qualitative and quantitative data gathered on the organisational outcomes as well as on the process of using our tool provided empirical validation. This iterative process led to the creation of a complete toolbox designed to help organisations raise to the knowledge transfer and utilisation challenge.

Results The toolbox includes a conceptual framework, a user’s guide and two questionnaires to establish a diagnostic of the organisation’s capacities of knowledge utilisation and to identify the main strategies to improve them. At the root of our toolbox is a theoretical model of organisational capacities to use knowledge, specific to health and social services organisations, that we have developed. Our model includes eight components: organisational culture, vision and leadership, knowledge acquisition, reflexivity, integration, creation and dissemination, adaptation, and relationships.

Discussion The results demonstrate that the toolbox helps decision makers to develop a common understanding of their organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of research knowledge utilisation capacities. Implications:The research and toolbox developed by our team provide a first step in unveiling the intricacies of knowledge utilisation in the social services sector. Eight key organisational capacities were found to be essential in facilitating and promoting knowledge utilisation in health and social services.

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