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P070 Toolbox for the Complete Process of Guideline Development, Revision, Implementation and Evaluation
  1. M Hilbink,
  2. M Ouwens,
  3. T Kool
  1. Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Background Problems in the process of guideline development, revision, implementation and evaluation are commonly perceived.

Objectives To support and improve the process of guideline development, revision, implementation and evaluation.

Methods After reaching consensus about topics for which there was a huge need for support, we composed thirteen working groups consisting of 4–5 representatives of various Dutch institutions involved in guideline development and implementation. Each group developed a support tool on a specific topic. 150 experts commented the draft version of the tools. Subsequently, the tools were used in more than 40 guideline projects to evaluate their practical value. The final versions of the tools have been disseminated by internet and will be adopted by the National Dutch Quality Insitute.

Results A toolbox containing 13 tools on the following topics: 1. Analysis of clinical care gaps 2. Cost-effectiveness 3. Organization and cooperation 4. Dealing with conflicts 5. International cooperation 6. Project management 7. Formulating specific recommendations 8. Attention for sex differences 9. Guidelines and shared decision making 10. Knowledge gaps 11. Implementation 12. Monitoring 13. Electronic disclosure A both Dutch and English-language version website on guideline development and implementation in the broader context, with incorporation of the tools.

Discussion This project yielded a toolbox with tools on topics and activities that offered scope for further international development.

Implications for Guideline Developers/Users Using these tools might improve the quality of guidelines, which in turn results in higher guideline adherence. Better guideline adherence might eventually lead to improved quality of care.

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