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P153 Successful Strategies In The Implementation Of Clinical Practice Guidelines: Creating Evidence-Informed Practice Cultures
  1. H McConnell,
  2. D Grinspun,
  3. I Bajnok
  1. Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Toronto, Canada


For over a decade, a professional nursing association has lead a programme focused on the development, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of clinical and healthy work environment guidelines. This programme has achieved considerable recognition around the globe based on its rigorous guideline development process, and innovative implementation strategies. These strategies are founded on an evidence-informed implementation model, and include individual, organisational and system level approaches. A key organisational level strategy within this programme, the Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) initiative, was designed to support health care organisations in their journey towards clinical excellence through the implementation and sustainability of multiple clinical practice guidelines. This initiative was launched in 2003 with nine organisations (acute care hospitals and home health care agencies), and has grown to include 68 BPSOs representing 294 sites. This reach has included international BPSOs in Spain, Australia, Chile, and the United States. The BPSO initiative provides specific coaching, mentoring, knowledge transfer and capacity building opportunities, and support to leaders in the BPSO sites as they implement, evaluate and work to sustain clinical guidelines both across their organisations and at the team/unit level. This strategic approach has served to trigger the development of evidence informed cultures, improve patient care and enrich the professional practice of nurses and other health care providers. This presentation will share some of the key outcomes of this guideline implementation strategy, and will highlight success storeys of how BPSOs are changing the nursing and health care landscape to foster a culture of evidence informed practice.

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