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P156 Clinical Practice Guidelines In Paediatrics In The Czech Republic
  1. K Klikova,
  2. R Licenik,
  3. V Mihal
  1. Centre for Clinical Practice Guidelines, Olomouc, Czech Republic


Background High quality clinical practice guidelines in paediatrics (CPGP) should be developed with standard and rigour methods. There are specialty societies in the Czech Republic developing guidelines of variable quality using different methods of development, adaptation, implementation and evaluation

Objectives The aim of this study was to analyse the methods of development, adaptation, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of Czech CPGP.

Methods The database of all CPGP was developed in 2011 and updated on a regular basis. The three types of specialty societies were decided: 1. Paediatric and neonatology societies 2. Other specialty societies developing CPGP 3. Specialty societies developing guidelines with relevant recommendation for paediatric care. The search and analysis of open resources were made to find the information about guideline methodology. Questionnaire survey to get the missing information was made.

Results There are 113 specialty medical societies in the Czech Republic. 31 societies developed 140 CPGS. 31% developed by paediatric and neonatology societies, 51% by other societies and 18% by societies developing CPGs with some paediatric recommendations. The questionnaire survey is ongoing.

Discussion The methods of development CPGP in the Czech Republic is of low quality. There are no explicit strategies for dissemination, implementation and evaluation.

Implications for Guideline Developers/Users The methods of guideline development need be standardised and should be of highest possible quality. There is already high quality methodology in the Czech Republic developed by National Reference Centre, which has been using by different specialty societies and could be used for CPGP.

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