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P317 Implementation Of Evidence Based Healthcare And Guidelines In Clinical Practice
  1. K Steinhausen1,
  2. S Slordahl2
  1. 1Furtwangen University and European Science Foundation, Strasbourg, France
  2. 2Norwegian University of Science and Technology and European Science Foundation, Trondheim, Norway


Background Healthcare received by Europe’s citizens should be based on the best scientific evidence and with involvement of patient and public. Greater emphasis on scientific evidence for a health intervention must be thoroughly analysed, health technology assessment (HTA) must become a cornerstone of healthcare. We have discussed these issues with different interdisciplinary groups and published two strategic papers in 2011 and 2012.

Objectives The aim is to present and discuss further possible implementation steps for improving implementation of evidence based healthcare and guidelines in clinical practice.

Methods In 2011 and 2012 workshops with interdisciplinary working groups (knowledge transfer, patient involvement and general practice) took place. Needs for actions and the relevant stakeholders were identified.

Results Needs for action: Establish a European Institute for Health Research where common issues in European healthcare research and policy can be debated and appropriate strategies formulated. Organise meetings between HTA/EBM leaders and policy-makers and health administrators on the European, national, regional and local level Establish at national level Healthcare Knowledge Centres for improved access to and transfer of unbiased information on patient-oriented research Set up research networks and ensure collaborative research between primary and secondary care Develop incentive systems for using and implementing evidence-based practice, guidelines and policy at medical care level through national European guidelines or even regulations and the relevant stakeholders.

Discussion It is now important to implement these needs. The involvement of different stakeholders from research, clinical practice, regulation, policy, patients and the public is urgently needed.

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