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P329 Developing A Strategy To Assess The Reporting Of The Updating Process In Clinical Practice Guideline: A Draft Checklist
  1. R Vernooij1,2,
  2. A Sanabria1,2,
  3. L Martínez García1,2,
  4. J Makarski3,
  5. M Brouwers3,
  6. P Alonso-Coello1,2
  1. 1Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre, Barcelona, Spain
  2. 2Institute of Biomedical Research (IIB Sant Pau), Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3Department of Oncology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada


Background Scientific knowledge is in constant change and, therefore, clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) require a frequent reassessment. However, the best methodology for updating CPGs is not known and methods are poorly reported in CPGs. A framework to evaluate the quality of reporting the updating process in CPGs and to provide guidance for minimum thresholds for an updating strategy is needed.

Objective To develop a CPG update reporting checklist.

Methods An initial list of items has been developed based in a systematic review done for our team about the guidance in updating handbooks. The working group has reviewed the initial list and reached consensus about the items to include. Through a survey, we will present the initial list to a multidisciplinary group of international experts and we will ask them about what is the relevant information that needs to be reported in an updated CPG, and about the elements to be included in a high-quality updating process.

Results These results will give us insight in what elements are required to be reported an updated CPG. Additionally, we will gain information about what kind of elements include a high-quality updating process.

Discussion and Implications This checklist will help people responsible for updating CPGs, in conducting and reporting their update in a high-quality manner. Ultimately this might results in more up-to-date recommendations and more valid CPGs.

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