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P348 Patient And Consumer Involvement In Guideline Interpretation And Patient Tool Development; A Comparison Of Two Focus Groups And Understanding Cultural Diversity
  1. C Davino-Ramaya1,
  2. K Ramaya2,
  3. H Tucker1
  1. 1Kaiser Permanente (Northwest Permanente), Portland, USA
  2. 2Pacific University, Forest Grove, USA


Incorporating patient and consumer involvement in clinical practice guideline (CPG) activities has become a priority for health care organisations internationally. In diverse populations with potential healthcare disparities the development of culturally competent patient tools based on interpretation of preexisting clinical practice guidelines is also considered important practice for many organisations that adopt external guidelines. In our exploration of the role of consumer engagement in the development of CPG support tools and in addressing healthcare disparities we compare the results of two culturally different groups through the evaluation of pre and post surveys as well as in-person focus groups. Survey intent was to gauge awareness of the existence of CPGs and gauge interest in developing patient and consumer support tools. Results of one culturally diverse group are compared with a minority group. We analyse the perceptions and attitudes of high priority health care issues identified by both groups. Our findings underscore the opportunity for health care organisations with significantly different populations to address healthcare disparities in the development of patient and consumer CPG support tools. As an extension of our previous work on “collaborative engagement” our comparative results emphasise the need to appropriately address cultural, language and health literacy issues as well as addressing health disparities between populations. We focus on identifying barriers to access and treatment and discuss implication for practice as well as future directions.

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