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124WS The Web Of EBM Recommendations
  1. M Ploegmakers1,
  2. T van Vegchel2,
  3. M Molag1,
  4. M Tilma2,
  5. S Kersten2,
  6. T van Barneveld1
  1. 1Knowledge Institute of Medical Specialists, Utrecht, Netherlands
  2. 2Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the Netherlands (IKNL), Utrecht, Netherlands


Background Guidelines on specific diseases and interventions are connected to other guidelines on more general topics (eg perioperative care) or to other specific guidelines on comorbidity. Together all recommendations form a web of EBM knowledge. When searching for a recommendation for a specific type of patient, illness and comorbidity, it should be found immediately, without turning many pages. Furthermore, information should be unambiguous, correct and up to date. Therefore, in the Netherlands a web-based database was developed that contains all available CPG’s, cut into ready-to-use modules. Each module easily shows connections with related content like other modules, background information, flowcharts, summaries and implementation tools. Moreover, the web-based presentation facilitates updating of modules, without revising the whole CPG, making this process more flexible and efficient.

Objectives • To present the modular set-up including the connections between related content of the Dutch Guideline Database. • To discuss how modular CPG-presentation can bring EBM closer to clinical practice and facilitate updating.

Target Group This workshop will be of most interest for clinicians and guideline developers interested in optimising EBM dissemination, efficient updating and implementation.

Description • Illustrate the need for a modular database based on examples from guidelines on anaesthesia. • Discuss quality regulation of content. • Discuss the role of patient involvement in the database. • Discuss to what extent content elements should be related to justify a ‘built-in’ relation (complexity of the web of recommendations). • Discuss possible connexions between the Dutch Guideline Database and the G-I-N Database.

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