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053 Implementing Nutrition Guidelines Through Practice Tools for Registered Dietitians
  1. K Kren,
  2. L Moloney,
  3. P Ziegler,
  4. A Acosta
  1. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Chicago, USA


Background Evidence Based Dietetics Practice Toolkits are resources intended to assist registered dietitians (RDs) in implementing nutrition guidelines derived from systematic reviews.

Objectives Surveys, sent at least one year past publication, were used to explore who uses toolkits, how toolkits are used, and if RDs find toolkits useful for implementation of guidelines.

Methods A standard questionnaire was sent to 1379 individuals for six toolkits (Celiac Disease, Critical Illness, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Oncology, and Paediatric Overweight) in 2011 and 2012, using Survey Monkey.

Results Responses received were 131 (9%), of which 42% were RDs in practice >15 years, in direct care (63%), and in settings of outpatient (51%) and inpatient (31%). Respondents mostly used toolkits for patient care (66%), nutrition counselling (40%) and development of forms (37%). Regarding the tools provided, 66% of respondents indicated that they found the summary of nutrition care and patient education materials to be very/somewhat useful or useful. The same was true for 63% for the case studies, 61% for the flowchart of patient encounters, 60% for the patient encounter process instructions and 56% for the sample documentation forms. Some respondents (24%) seldom or never used the guidelines prior to toolkit use; however, 65% indicated that the toolkit was useful in translating the guidelines to practice.

Discussion The implementation of guidelines is often overlooked yet is crucial to changing practice. These toolkits allow a useful strategy for assisting with implementation. Similar practice tools, tailored to practitioners and setting, may be useful in guideline implementation for a variety of conditions.

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