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P207 Toolkit: Implementation Of Best Practice Guidelines – A Framework For Success!
  1. H McConnell,
  2. A Stewart-Pyne,
  3. I Bajnok
  1. Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Toronto, Canada


A signature programme lead by a professional nursing association in Canada has a mandate to develop, disseminate, implement, evaluate and support the uptake of clinical guidelines. This programme’s success has resulted in international reach, due to its rigorous guideline development process, and innovative implementation strategies. These strategies include a key resource, the Toolkit: Implementation of Best Practice Guidelines, which delineates a systematic, well-planned implementation process, and is designed to assist nurses and other health-care professionals to support evidence-informed clinical decision-making. This Toolkit is based on emerging evidence that the likelihood of achieving successful uptake of best practice in health care increases when: • Guidelines are selected for implementation through systematic, participatory processes including relevant stakeholder engagement and environmental readiness assessment • Guidelines are tailored to the local context • Barriers and facilitators to guideline use are assessed and addressed • Guideline use is systematically monitored and sustained • Evaluation of the impacts of guideline use is an integral part of the entire process • There are adequate resources to support completion of all aspects of implementation This Toolkit will help guideline users take best evidence and integrate it into practice, education and policy using a systematic approach consistent with the local context of practice. This presentation will share the key phases of guideline implementation outlined in the Toolkit, and discuss how this resource is being utilised to address the key challenges of developing evidence based practice cultures through guideline implementation.

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