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P235 From Clinical Practice Guidelines To The Comprehensive Care Guideline For Patients: Beyond The Scientific Process, A Task Of Cultural Construction
  1. L Bonilla Mahecha,
  2. M Moreno,
  3. P Mosquera,
  4. H Gaitan
  1. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia


Background Patients guideline development is a complex process that must combine harmoniously clinic expert knowledge, values, preferences and patient’s information needs; it means in itself the possibility of transforming social imaginary, practices, beliefs and behaviours health. The design of a qualitative methodology systematic and rigorous a guideline for patients would allow producing efficient results. The paper contains the design of a systematic and rigorous type of qualitative methodology, a guidelines for patients, was allowed producing efficient results.

Objective Design a methodology for patients’ guidelines development in the Colombian context.

Methods A qualitative type study was developed in three phases: 1) Review of materials and patients guidelines targeting populations, creating an array of identification of information needs. 2) Development of a proposal for a context-sensitive communication expert team. 3) Validation of contents.

Results Designed a methodology with ten steps and developed the guidelines for patients which included scientific evidence, socio-cultural practices and participation of patients. The validation of the sexually transmitted infections the Guide was attended to people with a variety of gender, age and educational level. During the process was verified that although this methodology was systematic and rigorous, was flexible and allowed adapting independently the guideline the nature of the disease, life cycle, and the information’s circulation.

Discussion Leading the developing process of guidelines. patients by systematic and flexible methodologies allow to make a better sizing of the process incorporating valid contextual factor, suggests the need to be validated and involve patients in the process.

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