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145WS Evidence-Based Guideline Development for Diagnostic Questions
  1. E Vella1,2,
  2. X Yao1,2
  1. 1McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
  2. 2Program in Evidence-Based Care, Cancer Care Ontario, Hamilton, Canada


Background Developing guidelines to inform decisions regarding diagnostic tests presents unique challenges that are not encountered when addressing intervention questions. In many cases, diagnostic studies only provide test accuracy results and lack patient outcomes; outcomes that are typically sought to make recommendations.

Objectives/Goal Using the lessons from our guideline group, the objectives of this workshop are for participants to learn practical skills related to the development of guidelines for diagnostic questions. Specifically, the following areas will be addressed: Generating an appropriate research question. Developing relevant eligibility criteria for choosing diagnostic studies. Critically appraising diagnostic studies using existing tools and quality criteria. Determining what types of recommendations can be generated when different types of evidence and information are available and to respond when the most relevant information is not available.

Target Group, Suggested Audience Guideline developers or anyone interested in how to develop a guideline for diagnostic questions.

Description of the Workshop and of the Methods used to Facilitate Interactions Using a problem-based educational approach, the workshop will begin with a quick review of the background information and objectives, and an illustrative example will be presented. Participants will then be guided through the steps of guideline development for diagnostic questions, and given problems in each step to consider and work through in small groups. Finally, participants will develop recommendations for one or two guidelines, based on evidence from diagnostic guideline projects we have completed in our guideline group.

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