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Wolpert M, Deighton J, De Francesco D, et al. From ‘reckless’ to ‘mindful’ in the use of outcome data to inform service-level performance management: perspectives from child mental health. BMJ Qual Saf 2014;23:272–76. doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2013-002557

The authors of this paper wish to note the work of two additional members of the CORC team; Andy Fugard and Emily Stapley, who originally analysed the CORC data set using funnel plots. Details of this analysis and suggestions for possible reasons for outliers are considered in a forthcoming paper: Fugard A, Stapley E, Ford T, Law D, Wolpert M, York A. Analysing and reporting UK CAMHS outcomes: an application of funnel plots (currently under review).

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