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  1. Danielle Perret,
  2. Abhishek Kishor Dalal,
  3. Justin Chin,
  4. Jeremy Nguyen,
  5. Charlene Miranda-Wood,
  6. Coleen Thompson,
  7. Donna Grochow,
  8. Douglas Merrill
  1. The University of California Irvine, USA


Background The ACGME Resident Survey includes questions on patient safety, teamwork, professionalism, and healthcare quality. These ACGME survey questions have not been validated.

Objectives To assess the validity of the ACGME annual survey in quality, safety, teamwork and professionalism domains by comparing ACGME to non-ACGME data, including the validated AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture (AHRQCPS) and our institution's data on resident incident reporting, professionalism breaches, and quality improvement activity.

Methods 443 residents completed the ACGME Resident Survey and AHRQCPS surveys. Error/incident reports entered contemporaneously by housestaff were compared to matched ACGME items and AHRQCPS dimensions in three areas: teamwork, safety, and quality (figure 1).

Results Several ACGME Survey questions correlated, with statistical significance, with resident incident reporting (figure 2) and with the AHRQCPS (figure 3) in the Overall perception of Patient Safety dimension. The ACGME Survey item “Work in Inter-professional Teams” also correlated with the AHRQCPS teamwork dimension (figure 4). Comparisons in the areas of safety (figures 5/6) and quality (figure 7) did not produce correlations of statistical significance.

Conclusions Given the IOM findings related to healthcare quality and patient safety, the ACGME CLER program, and a national focus on teaching quality/safety in the context of GME, the ACGME has expanded its annual Resident Survey to include program assessment in the areas of quality and safety. This study is the first to demonstrate validity for several ACGME survey items in these important areas.

Figure 1

Comparison of ACGME Survey items to AHRQCPS dimensions and incident reports. AHRQCPS, Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research's Survey on Patient Safety Culture.

Figure 2

Correlation to resident incident reporting. Significant p-values ≤ 0.05 are highlighted in red. SQIS IR, Safety & Quality Information System Incident Report.

Figure 3

Correlation to AHRQCPS dimension of overall perception of patient safety.

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  • Anaesthesia
  • Attitudes

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