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Mammography: influence of departmental practice and women's characteristics on patient satisfaction: comparison of six departments in Norway.
  1. K Løken,
  2. S Steine,
  3. E Laerum
  1. Department of General Practice and Community Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway.


    OBJECTIVE: To investigate how departmental practice and women's characteristics are related to low patient satisfaction with mammography. DESIGN: Survey of patients by means of self administered questionnaires before and after mammography. PATIENTS: 488 women (89% of those invited), aged 23-86 years, at six departments. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Low level of satisfaction measured on psychometric scales of physical pain, psychological distress, staff punctuality and technical skills, information provided, and physical surroundings. RESULTS: Satisfaction varied by department on the scales for pain, punctuality, information, and surroundings. After adjustment for women's characteristics an attributable risk of negative outcome by department was identified on the scales for pain, distress, punctuality, information, and surroundings. Adjusted odds ratio (ORs) ranged from 0.3 (95% confidence interval (95% CI) 1.2 to 6.0) on the pain scale, to 6.0 (2.9 to 12.3) on the punctuality scale. After adjustment for confounding variables, higher risk of dissatisfaction was associated with age < 50, nervousness about mammography, expected pain, lack of knowledge about mammography, and distrust in mammography (adjusted OR (95% CI) ranged from 1.6 (1.0 to 2.7) to 3.7 (2.0 to 7.3)). CONCLUSION: Departmental practices differed for breast compression, information, punctuality, and facilities and were associated with a low level of satisfaction irrespective of patient characteristics. Women's lack of knowledge about mammography and distrust in the procedure were confirmed as risk factors for dissatisfaction. All these factors might be helped by training the staff, improving facilities, and informing the women.

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