Innovative Ways to improve quality of discharge summaries

Narveshwar Sinha, GP Specialist Trainee,

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July 13, 2012

We read the article on discharge summaries by Mohta et al with interest. We passionately believe that we must keep trying innovative methods to improve the quality of this most important handover document of care. Earlier this month, our audit to evaluate the extent to which contents of all fields in the electronic discharge summary template are completed with relevant information, revealed that the trainees had failed to complete some of the most important fields in the template. We then interviewed doctors at different seniority in our hospital to find the reasons for such practice. We also interviewed GPs to confirm what they want in these summaries. Based on the results, we now intend to implement three interventions (1) Trainees will print random summaries completed by them to do CbD (Case-based discussion) with their supervisors for their e- portfolio. This will give them an opportunity for feedback from senior consultants (2) We intend to put a large sticker on the top of the case record for the clinicians to make note of any important clinical event as it happens which should become part of the discharge summary at the time of the patient discharge. Person completing the discharge summary will make sure that all events on the sticker form part of the summary (3) Formal training module on discharge summaries at the time of induction on the first day when the trainee joins the Department. It will be interesting to find the results of the closing loop results of this audit.

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