Table 3

Mean differences between groups in changes in EORTC subscale scores at 6 month follow up (calculated as change in intervention patients minus change in controls; n=172 in each group)

Mean difference95% CI of the difference
*Positive differences denote a better change in level of functioning in the intervention patients.
†Positive differences denote a worse change in level of symptoms or difficulties in the intervention patients.
Functioning scales*
Physical0.70−4.59 to 5.99
    Role3.20−5.47 to 11.87
    Cognitive4.68−1.29 to 10.66
    Emotional1.24−4.52 to 7.00
    Social1.32−5.92 to 8.56
    Global quality of life1.48−3.89 to 6.84
Symptom scales†
Fatigue−1.30−8.37 to 5.76
    Nausea and vomiting3.97−0.92 to 8.86
    Pain−1.26−8.57 to 6.05
Single item measures†
Dyspnoea−5.04−12.53 to 2.45
    Sleep disturbance1.55−6.39 to 9.49
    Appetite loss−2.71−10.14 to 4.71
    Constipation−0.37−7.68 to 6.95
    Diarrhoea1.54−3.40 to 6.48
    Financial impact−3.68−9.54 to 2.18