Table 4

Probability of having any malpractice claim*

Independent variableOdds ratio95% confidence interval
*Logistic regression predicting any claim for 30288 physicians in Florida, Indiana, and Maryland during the period 1 January 1990 to 31 August 1997.
OB/GYN=obstetrics/gynecology; FP=family practice; IM=internal medicine.
Age (in years)3.952.71 to 5.75
Age20.9850.981 to 0.989
Anesthesiology0.9660.689 to 1.355
OB/GYN3.142.42 to 4.07
Surgical specialty3.082.40 to 3.96
General surgery2.952.10 to 4.13
Radiology1.771.31 to 2.37
Emergency medicine1.551.06 to 2.25
Primary care (FP, IM, pediatrics)1.220.99 to 1.49
Percentage of medical school’s students in 3 states0.810.58 to 1.12
Graduates of medical school outlier (<10th percentile)0.480.34 to 0.67
Graduates of medical school outlier (>90th percentile)1.801.46 to 2.23