Table 2

Types of adverse events identified by the Wisconsin Medical Injury Prevention Program screening criteria in 125 patients ≥65 years of age admitted to acute care in a tertiary hospital from the emergency department in an 8-month period

Type of adverse eventNo (% of 125)
Procedure-related (n=59)
 Infection following procedure11 (8.8)
 Haematoma, haemorrhage9 (7.2)
 Complication of amputation or other removal of organ8 (6.4)
 Accidental puncture, laceration5 (4.0)
 Circulatory system complication4 (3.2)
 Gastrointestinal complication4 (3.2)
 Other complication of surgical procedure4 (3.2)
 Other complication of medical procedure3 (2.4)
 Other not elsewhere classified11 (8.8)
Related to devices, implants and grafts (n=39)
 Cardiac15 (12.0)
 Orthopaedic12 (9.6)
 Genitourinary6 (4.8)
 Other6 (4.8)
Medication related (n=26)
 Cardiovascular drugs7 (5.6)
 Non-narcotic analgesics and antipyretics6 (4.8)
 Sedatives, hypnotics3 (2.4)
 Antibiotics3 (2.4)
 Other7 (5.6)
Radiation related (n=1)1 (0.8)