Table 1

Contexts judged as high priority for assessing (A) their effects on PSP implementations or only for describing (D) in papers

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  • Response options were: 1. yes, it is a high priority for assessing the influence of context on the success of that implementation, 2. yes, it is a high priority only for describing the contexts, and 3. no, it is not a high priority. ✓=more than 33% of experts reported this response (the responses were qualitatively greater than chance, so if a context is not checked, more than 33% of respondents did not think the context was a high priority).

  • Shaded items were not included in the survey for that particular PSP given they were less relevant.

  • IT, information technology; org, organization; PSP, patient safety practice; universal protocol, for preventing wrong procedure, wrong site, wrong person surgery; bloodstream infection checklist, catheter related.