Table 5

Association between readmissions and process indicators (N = 1055)

Process indicatorCrude analysisAdjusted analysis
OR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp value
LVF = left ventricular function; ACEI = angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor; LVSD = left ventricular systolic dysfunction; ARB = angiotensin receptor blockers; AF = atrial fibrillation.
*Controlling for hospitals.
**Results from the ordinal logistic regression summarising the effect of the three categories and controlling for hospitals.
LVF not determined0.680.44 to 1.040.0630.70*0.45 to 1.080.103
Level of ACEI dose if LVSD (n = 370)
    No ACEI0.680.19 to 1.920.4471.07**0.56 to 2.060.840
    Less than target dose ACEI1.290.65 to 2.520.431
    Target dose ACEI or ARB1.00
No β blockers if LVSD (n = 297)1.140.47 to 2.850.7571.21*0.52 to 2.840.647
No anticoagulants if AF (n = 211)0.540.17 to 1.530.2600.62*0.23 to 1.690.354