Table 1

Criteria for producing good quality information for patients

Duman & Farrell13CHIQ16Entwistle & O'Donnell15
Informs about condition and available treatments and optionsAccessibility: appropriate formatClear statement of aims
Comprehensive, unbiased information about outcomesAccuracyRelevant
Outlines uncertainties and gaps in knowledgeAppropriatenessAccurate
Caters for people from a diverse range of backgroundsAvailabilityAccessible, comprehensible, acceptable
Regularly reviewed and updatedContinuity: information is presented with other resourcesGives further sources of information
Integrated into a planned shared decision making programmeCurrency: being up to dateFacilitates judgement about reliability of information
Simple and easily understood language and designLegibility: clear presentation
Originality (not duplicating other sources)
Patient involvement