Table 2

Mean (SD) ratings for photocopying errors (in order of frequency)

Nature of errorMean (SD) rating
*Items involving omission errors
Place original wrongly3.06 (1.37)
Leave last page of original*2.18 (1.56)
Copy page already copied2.13 (1.36)
Fail to check copy quality*1.98 (1.80)
Copy selector failures*1.79 (1.18)
Fail to copy all pages*1.72 (1.28)
Leave personal items behind*1.69 (1.42)
Fail to log out or take card*1.41 (1.38)
Lift lid at wrong time1.36 (1.48)
Don't remove all copies, etc*1.28 (1.14)
Fail to insert card at outset*1.18 (1.14)
Fail to allow warm up*1.09 (1.24)
Activate cycle without original*1.05 (1.14)
Fail to switch on copier*0.64 (0.90)
Switch off before completion0.28 (0.71)