Table 1

Overview of questionnaire used in the study of progress and sustainability in audit

DomainsItemsAnswer categories
Background variables:
Department/unit structureHealth care organisationHospital levels/primary care/nursing homes
SpecialityOpen ended
Quality objectivesYes/no (in annual plans/no)
Access to facilitatorYes/no (full time/part time/project basis/none)
Nursing research projects within the last 2 yearsYes/no (0/1–2/≥3)
Competence career for nursesYes/no
Ongoing multiprofessional QI projectsYes/no (0/1–2/≥3)
Using specific QI methodSeven QI models in use in Sweden
Individual levelExperience as nurseNumber of years
Alterations in workplaceYes/no
Positions, full time/part timeTerms for nursing positions
University level coursesTerm for course, length and time for passing
Outcome variables:
Changing clinical practiceLevel of progress of auditSteps related to the PDSA cycle: Developing a standard of care/implementing the standard in clinical practice/evaluating practice against the standard/further changes of practice based on evaluation results
Individual continuation of audit workYes/no
Factors related to continuing/discontinuing auditDiscontinuing: lack of knowledge/facilitation/management support/colleague support/involved in other projects/further education/ leaving workplace/other Continuing: own learning/support from management/support from colleagues/influencing clinical practice/meeting colleagues/develop as nurse/other