Table 4

Reasons reported for continuing or discontinuing QI/audit

Targeted intervention group (n=65)Generic education group (n=54)*Total (%)
Each nurse could report more than one reason; a total of 292 reasons were reported. *One missing.
Continuing QI/audit (n=46)(n=25)(n=21)
    Enhancing knowledge251893.5
    Influencing clinical practice231991.3
    Develop as a nurse171263
    Support from management12 539.5
    Support from colleagues 5 521.7
    Other 11126.1
Discontinuing QI/audit (n=72)(n=40)(n=32)
    Reorganisation, new structure141134.7
    Lack of facilitation and knowledge 51629.2
    Leaving workplace 81126.4
    Lack of support from colleagues 61022.2
    Other projects for practice development 51020.8
    Personal education10 318.1
    Lack of support from management 31018.1
    On leave10 115.3
    Other 5 1 8.3