Table 1

Operating room observation results

Checklist itemCompletion rates (%)
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Before induction of anaesthesia, members of the team (at least the nurse and an anaesthesia professional) confirm orally:
The patient has verified their identity, the surgical site and procedure and consent78.5
The surgical site is marked or site marking is not applicable75.4
 The pulse oximeter is on the patient and functioning72.3
All members of the team are aware of whether the patient has a known allergy63.1
The patient's airway and risk of aspiration have been evaluated, and appropriate equipment and assistance are available66.2
If there is a risk of blood loss of at least 500 ml (or 7 ml/kg of body weight, in children), appropriate access and fluids are available47.7
Time out
Before skin incision, the entire team (nurses, surgeons, anaesthesia professionals, and any others participating in the care of the patient) orally:
 Confirms that all team members have been introduced by name and role20.0
 Confirms the patient's identity, surgical site and procedure80.0
 Reviews the anticipated critical events24.6
Surgeon reviews critical and unexpected steps, operative duration and anticipated blood loss18.5
Anaesthesia staff review concerns specific to the patient43.1
Nursing staff review confirmation of sterility, equipment availability and other concerns64.6
Confirmation that prophylactic antibiotics have been administered ≤60 min before incision is made or that antibiotics are not indicated56.9
Confirmation that all essential imaging results for the correct patient are displayed in the operating room or not applicable.58.5
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Before the patient leaves the operating room, the nurse reviews items aloud with the team:
 Name of the procedure as recorded30.7
 That the needle, sponge and instrument counts are complete (or not applicable)86.1
 That the specimen (if any) is correctly labelled, including with the patient's name80.0
 Whether there are any issues with equipment to be addressed27.7
The surgeon, nurse and anaesthesia professional review aloud the key concerns for the recovery and care of the patient12.3
  • Numbers next to each item indicate the frequency in which they were observed during student operating room observations. Items in bold are those mandated by Winnipeg Regional Health Authority policy.