Table 4

Effect size of the intervention on clinical decision making*

Medical condition; indicatorOdds ratio95% CIp valueIntracluster correlation coefficient
*Multilevel analysis with adjustments for baseline compliance, practice characteristics, and patients’ age and sex.
†Increasing the dosage or starting a drug from a different class in case of a diastolic blood pressure of >90 mm Hg.
Newly diagnosed hypertension; assessment of risk factors1.070.77 to 1.470.6960.08
Newly diagnosed hypertension; provision of information and advice1.320.94 to 1.860.1090.17
Treated hypertension; provision of information and advice1.551.35 to 1.77<0.0010.15
Treated hypertension; increasing the antihypertensive medication†0.870.61 to 1.240.4320.06
Treated hypertension; scheduling a follow up appointment0.960.75 to 1.220.7270.11
Hypercholesterolaemia; assessment of risk factors2.041.44 to 2.88<0.0010.13
Hypercholesterolaemia; provision of information and advice1.581.17 to 2.130.0030.09
Angina pectoris; assessment of risk factors3.071.08 to 8.790.0370.00
Angina pectoris; provision of information and advice1.020.61 to 1.710.9290.06
Angina pectoris; prescribing aspirin and sublingual nitrate1.440.86 to 2.410.1680.03
Heart failure; checking for clinical signs of deterioration4.112.17 to 7.77<0.0010.22
Heart failure; provision of information and advice0.850.43 to 1.670.6360.13