Table 2

Patients’ and nurses’ mean (SD) scores for the individual items (5 point scale, 1–5) and percentage of patients and nurses (of total) scoring 1 or 2 on individual items

ItemPatients’ score (n=198)% of patients scoring 1 or 2Nurses’ score (n=196)% of nurses scoring 1 or 2
Subscale: Communication
Before my operation I was told about the type of pain treatment I would be offered after surgery4.0 (1.4)16.23.9 (1.1)11.1
When nurses come on duty, they know ‘everything’ about how much pain I have had and the pain treatment I have received4.3 (0.9)5.6
The nurses and doctors have cooperated in treating my pain4.5 (0.8)3.5
Subscale: Action
After my operation I talked with a nurse about how I wanted my pain to be treated3.4 (1.5)29.33.3 (1.2)21.2
I received support or help in finding a comfortable position in bed to help avoid pain4.3 (1.1)9.14.2 (0.9) 4.5
The staff asked me about the pain I had when I breathed deeply, sat up, or moved around3.7 (1.5)22.73.3 (1.2)18.7
To determine my level of pain, a member of the staff asked me to pick a number between 0 and 10 (or make a mark on a straight line) at least once every morning, afternoon, and evening2.8 (1.8)52.03.3 (1.7)34.8
Subscale: Trust
Even if I did not always ask for it, I was given pain medication4.5 (1.0)6.64.4 (1.0) 6.6
The nurses helped me with pain treatment until I was satisfied with the effects of pain relief4.5 (0.9)7.14.5 (0.7) 0.5
The nurses are knowledgeable about how to relieve my pain4.6 (0.7)2.54.5 (0.6) 0.5
The nurses believe me when I tell them about my pain4.7 (0.6)0.54.8 (0.4) 0.0
Subscale: Environment
I was given the opportunity for peace and quiet so I could sleep at night4.3 (1.1)8.14.0 (0.9) 5.1
I have a pleasant room4.3 (1.1)8.63.6 (1.1)14.6
There have been enough nurses on duty for someone to respond quickly to my request for pain relief4.7 (0.7)3.04.1 (0.9) 4.1