Table 5

Mean (SD) scores for the total scale, subscales, and complementary questions, and differences between different groups of patients*

Scale rangeGeneral surgery (GS) (n=87)Orthopaedics (O) (n=72)Gynaecology (G) (n=39)
*Kruskall-Wallis ANOVA by ranks followed by Mann-Whitney U test with Bonferroni correction. aDifferences between GS and O (p<0.001); bdifferences between G and GS (p<0.001); cdifferences between GS and O (p<0.01); ddifferences between O and G (p<0.05 ); edifferences between GS and O (p<0.05); fdifferences between G and GS (p<0.05 ); gdifferences between O and G (p<0.01 ).
Total scale (14 items)14–7055.5 (9.5)a61.8 (7.2)59.5 (8.0)
    Communication (3 items)3–1511.9 (2.6)a13.5 (1.8)13.4 (2.4)b
    Action (4 items)4–2013.3 (4.3)c15.6 (3.6)d13.6 (4.2)
    Trust (4 items)4–2017.8 (2.7)e18.8 (2.2)18.8 (2.2)
    Environment (3 items)3–1512.6 (2.4)a14.0 (1.6)13.7 (1.7)f
Complementary questions
    Pain: now0–102.3 (1.9)3.1 (2.4)2.1 (2.0)
    Pain: worst0–105.2 (2.5)6.0 (2.7)g3.9 (2.7)
    Pain: lowest0–101.7 (1.6)2.2 (2.1)1.3 (1.3)
    Dissatisfied/ satisfied0–108.4 (1.9)8.8 (2.0)9.4 (1.0)f