Table 4

Importance (I), performance (P), and quality improvement (Q) scores of 44 HIV patients for different care providers

GP=general practitioner; SP=specialist; AC=AIDS nursing consultant.
*Generic aspects selected by focus group ratings.
Generic aspects:
1Work efficiently6.
2*Explain my medication clearly7.
3Take me seriously8.
4*Is aware of my situation at home and work/school4.
5Cooperate well with other social workers7.
6Can easily be reached by telephone7.
7Never keep me wait in the waiting room longer than 15 minutes2.
8Prescribe drugs which are free of charge5.
9Keep his appointments5.
10Make sure I have an appointment within 24 hours if necessary7.
11Take my opinion into account7.
12Allow me to ask a second opinion6.00.734.46.50.744.86.10.744.5
13*Allow me to check my personal file7.30.352.
HIV specific aspects:
14Inform me about the pros and cons of a treatment7.60.312.
15Explain laboratory results7.
16Have special knowledge of HIV7.40.241.810.
17Keep me in shape with preventive methods6.60.533.
18Have an open ear for a conversation about euthanasia6.
19Give information about possible side effects of drugs7.30.312.
20Give information about the use of my HIV medication6.90.503.
21Break news gently3.
22Take enough time to talk with me6.
23Treated by the same person5.60.311.
24Has organised his replacement well6.
25No interruptions during a consult4.
26Maintain confidentiality about my HIV status8.
27Is organised in such a way I cannot hear conversations at the desk or in the consulting room6.