Table 2

Summary data for each group participating in the program

GroupHospitals (n)Charts (n)ADEs (n)Doses (n)% administeredADE/1000
ADE=adverse drug event.
Data for number of hospitals, charts reviewed, ADEs identified, total number of doses of medications administered, percentage of ADEs of total charts (or admissions) reviewed, and number of ADEs per 1000 doses of medication administered. Individual hospital data from each group are not identified as it is emphasized that these are summary data. Within any group all reviews are aggregated.
Group 1 is composed primarily of community hospitals; group 2 is a mixture of large academic centers and community hospitals and represented the IHI redesign group hospitals; group 3 is a mixture of academic and community hospitals; group 4 is a mixture of academic and community hospitals with a high proportion of pediatric hospitals.