Table 1

Guideline driven indicators developed using an iterated consensus rating procedure

AimUndertaken byCriteria used
Round 1: Pre-selectionSelecting key recommendationsSmall group of quality indicators developers (1–3 persons)Outcome of care: 
 • Patients’ health (morbidity, mortality, health status)
 • Cost
Round 2: Rating and addingRating and adding key recommendationsExpert panel (8–10 persons)• Patients’ health
 • Cost
 • Sensitivity to change
 • Availability of data
Round 3: ReliabilityDetermining inter- and intra-rater reliabilityExpert panel for the rating Research team for the analyses• Kappa, rho
Round 4: Potential indicatorsGetting set of potential indicatorsResearch team• Cut off score: mean above mid of rating scale
 • Agreement among 80% of the panel members
Round 5: ReflectionAcceptability of indicatorsResearch team Laymen professionals• Face validity