Table 9

 Severity categories for incident classification

FatalPatient died due to the incident
Life threateningPatient transferred to ICU
Respiratory failure requiring intubation
Mental status change: patient falls and gets intracranial hemorrhage
Tongue swelling/anaphylactic shock due to medication
SeriousGastrointestinal bleed
Altered mental status/excessive sedation due to medication
Increased creatinine due to medication
Decrease in blood pressure, patient feels lightheaded
Allergic reaction: shaking chills/fever
Additional visit to clinic for treatment or additional medications
Diarrhea due to antibiotics
Thrombocytopenia due to histamine type 2 antagonist
Nausea resulting from oral potassium
Nausea and vomiting due to erythromycin
Any significant event that is identified by the patient but not requiring a change in therapy