Table 6

Predictors of constructive changes in practice

Predictorβp value*
*NS=not significant.
†The following scale was used for causes of the mistake, judgmental institutional response, and constructive change; 0, disagree strongly; 33, disagree somewhat; 67, agree somewhat; and 100, agree strongly.
‡The following scale was used for accepting responsibility: 0, not at all; 33, somewhat; 67, quite a bit; and 100, a great deal.
§The following scale was used for the extent of discussion (with the supervising attending physician, another medical person, the patient or family, and/or at a conference): 0, none of these; 25, one of these; 50, two of these; 75, three of these; and 100, all four of these.
Female physician7.43<0.05
Serious outcome for patient†3.46NS
Mistake caused by inexperience†0.23<0.001
Mistake caused by job overload†<0.01
Mistake caused by case complexity†0.20<0.001
Accepted responsibility‡0.23<0.01
Greater extent of discussion§0.25<0.01
Institution judgmental†0.01NS
R 2 0.49
Adjusted R20.44