Table 1

Levels of trust in specific aspects of health care

Category of careNumberLittle/very little trust
(A) Patient focused care
Patients are taken seriously114032%
Patients get enough attention114037%
Doctors provide their patients with good guidance113732%
Patients are listened to114545%
Doctors spend enough time on their patients113863%
(B) Macro level policies and patient care
Medical help and patient care will not be compromised by the shortening of waiting lists113762%
Patients won’t be the victim of rising costs of health care113470%
Waiting times are never too long113775%
Cost cutting does not disadvantage patients113568%
Patients will be able to pay for their own health care if they have to112865%
(C) Professional expertise
New treatments are put into practice in the healthcare system113745%
The education and training of doctors in this country is one of the world’s best114017%
Doctors can do everything113265%
Doctors know everything about all sorts of diseases113965%
(D) Quality of care
Patients will always get the best treatment114150%
Doctors always make the right diagnosis114431%
Patients are referred in time113445%
Patients always get the right dose of medicine114234%
Patients always get the right medicine114343%
A lot of care is taken to keep patients’ medical information confidential in the health service114317%
Doctors always do enough tests114146%
Doctors don’t prescribe medicines too late113242%
(E) Communication and provision of information
The information given to patients is clear and understandable113740%
Patients get sufficient information about the cause of their problems113444%
Doctors discuss things fully with their patients114044%
Patients get sufficient information about the various treatments that are available114262%
Patients get sufficient information about the effects of their treatment113954%
(F) Quality of cooperation
Healthcare providers are good at cooperating with each other113647%
Patients are not given conflicting information114052%
High levels of specialisation do not cause problems in the healthcare system112938%
New items
Doctors are well regulated in this country113928%
Patients will show doctors respect114319%