Table 2

Specific determinants of overall rating of trust/confidence (rank order)

Rank orderIndividual determinantsNumberMean change*95% CIp valueR2
*Mean change in overall trust rating per unit lost in trust in individual determinant.
1(A) Patients are taken seriously1140−0.801(−0.89 to −0.71)0.000.21
2(A) Patients get enough attention1140−0.742(−0.82 to −0.66)0.000.21
3(D) Patients will always get the best treatment1141−0.703(−0.78 to −0.62)0.000.21
4(D) Doctors always make the right diagnosis1144−0.687(−0.78 to −0.59)0.000.16
5(A) Doctors provide their patients with good guidance1137−0.651(−0.74 to −0.56)0.000.15
6(F) Healthcare providers are good at cooperating with each other1136−0.635(−0.72 to −0.55)0.000.15
7(C) New treatments are put into practice in the healthcare system1137−0.622(−0.71 to −0.53)0.000.14
8(E) The information given to patients is clear and understandable1137−0.618(−0.70 to −0.53)0.000.15
9(A) Patients are listened to1145−0.611(−0.69 to −0.53)0.000.16
10(A) Doctors spend enough time on their patient1138−0.605(−0.69 to −0.52)0.000.15
11(E) Patients get sufficient information about the cause of their problem1136−0.600(−0.68 to −0.51)0.000.14
12(D) Patients are referred in time1134−0.593(−0.68 to −0.51)0.000.15
13(B) Medical help and patient care will not be compromised by the shortening of waiting lists1137−0.592(−0.68 to −0.50)0.000.12
14(E) Doctors discuss things fully with their patients1140−0.590(−0.67 to −0.51)0.000.15
15(D) Patients always get the right dose of their medicine1142−0.588(−0.68 to −0.50)0.000.13
16(C) The education and training of doctors in this country is one of the world’s best1140−0.581(−0.67 to −0.49)0.000.12
17(E) Patients get sufficient information about the various treatments that are available1142−0.571(−0.66 to −0.49)0.000.14
18(D) Patients always get the right medicine1143−0.570(−0.66 to −0.48)0.000.12
19(D) A lot of care is taken to keep patients’ medical information confidential in the health service1143−0.566(−0.67 to −0.47)0.000.10
20(E) Patients get sufficient information about the effects of their treatments1139−0.560(−0.64 to −0.48)0.000.14
21Doctors are well regulated in this country1139−0.558(−0.65 to −0.46)0.000.11
22(B) Patients won’t be the victims of rising costs of health care1134−0.536(−0.62 to −0.45)0.000.10
23(C) Doctors can do everything1132−0.524(−0.62 to −0.43)0.000.11
24(D) Doctors always do enough tests1141−0.516(−0.60 to −0.43)0.000.11
25(C) Doctors know everything about all sorts of diseases1139−0.480(−0.57 to −0.39)0.000.09
26(D) Doctors don’t prescribe medicines too late1132−0.452(−0.55 to −0.35)0.000.07
27(F) Patients aren’t given conflicting information1140−0.383(−0.48 to −0.29)0.000.05
28Patients will show doctors respect1143−0.376(−0.48 to −0.27)0.000.04
29(B) Waiting times are never too long1137−0.358(−0.45 to −0.27)0.000.05
30(B) Cost cutting does not disadvantage patients1135−0.343(−0.43 to −0.26)0.000.05
31(F) High levels of specialisation do not cause problems in the healthcare system1129−0.278(−0.38 to −0.18)0.000.02
32(B) Patients will be able to pay for their own health care if they have to1128−0.081(−0.18 to −0.15)0.100.01