Table 1

Location of occurrence, preventability, and impact of adverse events (AEs)

Total* (n=735)In-hospital† (n=568)In-hospital, preventable (n=339)In-hospital, preventable, serious (n=48)
* Incident recorded by healthcare professional during sampled admission and later assessed as adverse event by study physician reviewer and any evidence of healthcare management causation.
†AE occurred inside hospital; 167 adverse events occurred outside a public hospital, for example, in doctor’s office, ambulatory care unit, patient’s home, rest home, or private hospital.
‡Any evidence of preventability.
§Permanent disability or death.
¶Attributable bed days in the study hospital spent over one or more admissions associated with an adverse event.
Note: Percentages, means and 95% confidence intervals have been adjusted to account for stratified cluster sample design.
AE occurrence per 100 admissions (n=6579 admissions)11.3 (9.3 to 13.4)8.8 (6.9 to 10.6)5.2 (4.3 to 6.0)0.7 (0.5 to 0.9)
% Preventable‡61.6% (55.5 to 67.8) (n=457)58.8% (52.7 to 65.0) (n=339)
% Serious§15.4% (13.3 to 17.6) (n=112)15.0% (11.8 to 18.3) (n=83)14.4% (11.3 to 17.5) (n=48)
Average extra bed days in hospital per AE¶9.5 (8.0 to 11.1) (n=727)9.4 (7.5 to 11.4) (n=562)10.8 (8.0 to 13.6) (n=336)27.3 (13.3 to 41.4) (n=48)