Table 5

Patient safety initiatives at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) as a result of the cultural and leadership assessments

Write safety missionDeveloped by the Ethics and Patient Safety Committees
Create non-punitive medical error reporting policyPolicy passed October 2001
Create education sheet for families regarding how to help ensure their safety in the hospitalBrochure available to patients June 2002
Develop and pilot comprehensive safety planStarted in September 2001, this program has evolved and currently includes five ICUs
Educate staff at all levels on the science of safetyThis briefing, a component of the comprehensive patient safety program, is being given throughout the health system
Educate staff on how to disclose medical errorsA medical error disclosure policy was passed
Initiate senior executive staff adopting a unitAnother component of the comprehensive patient safety program has been initiated in four ICU units; adopters (current and pending) include the President of the Johns Hopkins University, President of the Johns Hopkins Health System, Chief Operating Officer of the JHH and the Vice President for Human Resources at the JHH
Develop an intranet site for patient safety effortsThis site has provided the organization with a means of disseminating project information and sharing ideas
Create the Center for Innovations in Quality Patient CareThis center reports to the CEO and university president and provides support for quality and safety improvement initiatives
Participate in the IHI’s “Quantum Leaps in Patient Safety”This initiative is scheduled to end in June 2002 but the efforts will be adopted by the “safety team” created under the auspices of Innovations in Patient Care and Safety
Medication safety initiativeThis initiative created a web based system to report medication incidents
Develop strategic plan for patient safetyIn the process of development