Table 2

Clinical classification of preventable in-hospital adverse events (AEs)*†

Clinical classifications‡No of AEs% of 339 AEs affected% of 472 AE mentions§
*Incident recorded by healthcare professional during sampled admission and later assessed as adverse event by study physician reviewer; any evidence of healthcare management causation; occurrence inside a public hospital; and any evidence of preventability.
†Percentages and 95% confidence intervals have been adjusted to account for stratified cluster sample design.
‡MO reviewers categorised AEs into broad “clinical classifications”. These classifications are mutually exclusive except that “system” could be mentioned alone or in addition to another classification for an AE (combined into the “system linked” category). Also see box 2.
§The category of “mention” combines the counts derived from the mutually exclusive clinical classifications with the system mentions (which could either be alone or in addition, see previous note). The total number of mentions is therefore greater than the total number of AEs.
¶Operative = related to an operation or occurred during the 30 day postoperative period.
**Procedure (non-surgical) 10%, fractures, obstetric, neonatal, falls, and anaesthesia each <5% of AEs.
††Therapeutic=correct diagnosis but inappropriate or delayed treatment.
All system linked15747.0 (40.0 to 53.9)33.6#(30.6 to 36.6)
    System alone247.2 (4.2 to 10.2)5.1
    System additional13339.828.5
Operative¶9929.1 (22.8 to 35.5)20.8#(17.0 to 24.7)
Other**8424.4 (18.9 to 29.9)17.5#(13.7 to 21.2)
Diagnostic5014.3 (9.8 to 18.7)10.2#(7.4 to 13.1)
Therapeutic††4915.4 (9.0 to 21.7)11.0#(7.1 to 14.8)
Drug339.7 (5.5 to 13.8)6.9#(4.2 to 9.6)
Total339100 (n=339)100 (n=472)