Table 2

Pancreatitis: probability estimates of adverse event occurring and mean ratings of Likert scale variables as a function of mode of presentation (verbal or numerical)

Verbal (“rare”)Numerical (“0.04%”)95% CI of differencet valuep value
Probability of occurrence (%) to 23.54.16<0.001
Likert scale variables (possible scores 1–6)
    Likelihood of occurrence3.32.40.3 to 1.52.840.006
    Perceived risk to health3.42.40.4 to 1.73.310.002
    Satisfaction with information3.34.10.08 to
    Severity of side effect3.73.3−0.2 to 1.11.300.198
    Effect on decision to take medicine3.12.5−0.3 to 1.51.420.163