Table 2

Specific comments from reviewers to MRF2

StageSuggestions/difficultiesAuthors’ comments
ANeed to elucidate meaning of principal problemThis has been clarified by re-structuring the stage and giving examples
Add to co-morbidity listThe co-morbidity list has been modified
Include time of eventSpace to record the time of the event is included
BAnswers to the following will be subjective:Agree—but approximate data are useful
• Additional bed days caused by AE
• Degree of disability
• Emotional trauma
CMay be difficult to determine:Agree—but may be able to determine whether or not there was lack of input from experienced staff
• Person responsible at that period of care
• Date and time of event
DMay be difficult to determine:
• How management contributed to the AE and respects in which it was unsatisfactoryAgree—but experienced reviewers will be able to make “intelligent estimates”
• Quality of hand over
• Person responsible at the time of AE and whether or not it was appropriate
• Whether there were avoidable delays or inappropriate procedures
• The cause of drug related injury
EImpossible to relate the relative importance of contributory factorsIt is important that reviewers are adequately trained and that they are aware of their own limitations
Difficult to determine reasons for failure to prevent AEAs the form is modular, stage E may be omitted.
Specialist reviewers would be neededSpecialists should be consulted on specific points