Table 2

Relationship between the subjective probability of outcome states and preference between options

AnalysisR2Predictor variables (advantage with respect to.../difference in expected years..)B (regression weight)β (standardised weight)p ValuePearson (r)
1 (main effect of time)0.195Medium term survival–0.77–0.290.0730.16
Long term survival1.070.60<0.00050.40
2 (main effect of functional status)0.252NYHA class I or II0.710.51<0.00050.50
NYHA class III or IV0.030.020.858–0.09
3 (main effect of time and functional status)0.343NYHA I/II medium term–0.11–0.050.7910.35
NYHA I/II long term1.700.600.0040.58
Dead in the medium term–0.26–0.110.666–0.16
Dead in the long term0.060.030.912–0.40