Table 2

 Free comments contributed by patients who were not in favour of the introduction of a hospital policy of a compulsory identification bracelet and who did not agree to wear such a bracelet

CategoryPatients’ comments
UselessnessN = 55
Example: “The responsibility and competences of the medical staff being excellent, wearing a bracelet is useless.”
Selective use of braceletN = 64
Example: “The bracelet is necessary for certain patients (with high risk), but it should not be generalised.”
Lack of respectN = 59
Example: “I refuse to be an anonymous patient who must wear a label to be recognised.”
Refusal of obligationn = 16
Example: “I don’t like the term ‘compulsory’, everyone must have the right to choose.”
Patient responsibilityn = 24
Example: “The patients who know their identity do not need any identification bracelet.”
Need to improve work of staffn = 14
Example: “With staff in a sufficient number, I think that these problems of identification would be quasi non-existent.”
Aspect of braceletn = 10
Example: “I would agree only if the bracelet is discreet.”