Table 2

Error classification and summary results

Error categoryTotalCrude error rate per 1000 appointments% of total errors
Prescriptions 397 31.9 42.2
Administrative (e.g. prescription not ready, missing)20416.421.7
Clerical (e.g. prescriptions not signed, incorrect patient details)15912.816.9
Medication (e.g. incorrect drug dose)221.82.3
Inaccurate computer prescribing records121.01.3
Communication 282 22.7 30.0
Case notes missing1229.813.0
Delivery of post675.47.1
Information missing or in the wrong place463.74.9
Wrong case notes (e.g. patients with similar names)211.72.2
Failure to pass on/collect messages181.41.9
Referral errors80.60.9
Equipment 153 12.3 16.3
Computer not working1229.813.0
Other equipment312.53.3
Appointments 63 5.1 6.7
(eg, patient given incorrect appointment details)
Clinical 24 1.9 2.6
Note keeping/recording131.01.4
Others 21 1.7 2.2
Total number of errors 940 75.6 100.0