Table 3

Number of cardiovascular events prevented by the increased use of effective interventions for each of the different disease groups

InterventionDiseaseTarget proposed in GP contractEstimate of level currently being achievedNo of CVD events prevented over 5 year period
45–64 years65–84 years
CHD = coronary heart disease; ACE = angiotensin converting enzyme; A2 = angiotensin 2; HF = heart failure; CVD = cardiovascular disease.
*Events prevented by influenza vaccination refer to influenza mortality and not cardiovascular events.
Cholesterol lowering treatmentCHD60% ⩽5.026%921%915.5
Blood pressure lowering treatmentCHD70% ⩽150/9076%960%93.6
Stroke70% ⩽150/9072%949%92.9
Diabetes55% ⩽145/8545%938%92.9
Hypertension70% ⩽150/9056%932%915.5
ACE inhibitors/A2 antagonistsCHD and HF70%74%1359%131.2
Influenza vaccinationCVD85%56%1285%120.03*